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Acquisition of Digital Engineering Corporation to be Cornerstone of R&D Division

TRON Group announces acquisition of Digital Engineering Corporation (“DEC”), an established Hong Kong-based technology R&D and engineering firm.  The acquisition will allow TRON to move day-to-day management of the Company’s technology portfolio to the seasoned engineering team of DEC.  In addition, TRON will be able to absorb DEC’s current R&D effort in the fields of cryptocurrency, digital wallet security, and data mining optimization.

Key Details About TRON

TRON Group, Inc. (OTC: TGRP) is a holding company acquiring operating companies and assets in growing industries.  The company’s intent is to grow them by providing management and technical support under its public company umbrella. TRON’s current acquisitions include companies involved in the crypto-mining of Filecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Lambda, and XL.

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Visionary Management

TRON’s management team includes forward-thinking and shareholder-focused officers who have been in Information Technology for over forty years.  The Company’s leaders include graduates from top international business and technology universities, including Stanford.

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